V400: Bridging the Gap Between 3D Printing and Sculptural Artistry

Apr 02

Paul Feeney, an American sculptor, channels his fervor for sculpture through the V400’s advanced 3D printing capabilities. His creations range from lifelike human figures, capturing their essence and movement in vibrant detail, to an array of lampstands that boast unique designs and cast enchanting shadows, enhancing any room’s ambiance. He also crafts vases of refined elegance, with the V400’s precision rendering every curve and embellishment with exquisite clarity, infusing homes with artistic charm. Feeney’s partnership with the V400 allows him to infuse his works with innovation, delivering both visual delight and a touch of sentimentality.

Feeney’s portfolio, brought to life with Flsun V400, showcases his adept sculpting skills and inventive prowess. It underscores the significance of selecting the right 3D printer to achieve high fidelity in form and detail. Below is a showcase of some of the remarkable pieces he has fashioned using the V400:

Paul Feeney embraced the world of Delta 3d printing with his acquisition of the Flsun V400 in November 2023. He lauds the printer stating - "The V400 was my first Delta 3D printer, and the FLsun V400 has made my life so much easier!! This eliminates some of the typical problems with Cartesian printers, produces some very high quality models, and effectively solves the difficult problems with XYZ axes. Another advantage of this printer is that it has a klipper based control board which has worked perfectly so far with no connectivity problems or disconnections, the effector (hot end extruder assembly) has also been printing without any mechanical problems and the consumable supply is very good, removing the effector is very simple using the 3 spring loaded ball and socket arms."

Paul Feeney’s commendations for our machine have been accompanied by constructive recommendations for refining specific aspects, including the enhancement of installation tutorials for frequently utilized components. We deeply appreciate Paul Feeney’s genuine input, which is instrumental in our ongoing efforts to advance and elevate our products and services.

Paul Feeney thrives on the camaraderie within our user group, often sharing his print projects and insights. His active engagement not only fulfills his own desire for achievement and community sharing but also vivifies our group’s dynamic. It boosts user confidence in our products, inspires more community interaction, and enriches the collective experience, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of our community.

Flsun V400 Story

Paul Feeney stands out as a dedicated and inventive artist and member of our community. His contributions have significantly broadened the artistic landscape and propelled the progress and utilization of 3D printing technology. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Paul for his genuine engagement and insightful feedback, which have been instrumental in enhancing and refining our offerings.