The year I owned QQ-S PRO real sharing from a user

The year I owned QQ-S PRO real sharing from a user
hi,you all.My name is Oliver Proske from Germany and I am a QQ-s pro owner.
The QQ-s pro is the third printer I own and the one I use the most so far. The 3D printer that got me started was a used i3 printer and later I bought a new one i3 structure printer, after I had enough basic knowledge, I bought myself a FLSUN-S Pro.

Under the same conditions, the quality of the models printed by QQ-S can reach 100%, but the printers with i3 structure of a certain brand I have purchased cannot achieve this effect, usually only about 15%.

In the year of owning the QQ-S, I have occasionally upgraded it, and the quality of the printed models has gotten better and better, and I still enjoy printing with this machine until now. In addition to that I love to print all kinds of decorations on it, and dressing up my favorite printer is a huge pleasure.

Well, whenever I create something new, I print it. No matter what color is on..

Besides my interest in different printers, the print size of the QQ-s pro is also one of the reasons why I like it so much. My son likes rocket models very much, and the cost of buying rocket models is relatively high. The size of the QQ-S pro is just right to print the rocket model, which saves me a lot of money, and I can also cultivate his interest in 3d printers.

Unconsciously, this QQ-S pro has become an important part of my life. I also have another way to communicate with my children. QQ-S pro enriches my personal life and creates conditions for my personal creation. Every time I print the model by myself, I feel very fulfilled.





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