FLSUN Wants To Pass On Chinese New Year Wishes To You!!!

FLSUN Wants To Pass On Chinese New Year Wishes To You!!!

During the Chinese New Year, people send red packets to their friends and relatives to bring them good wishes and good luck, and FLSUN would like to bring our wishes and good luck to you too!!!

Event Date:Jan.16 - Fed.6 , 2023.

Red packet: $100 (20 Person)

How to participate: Post a video of V400 on Youtube with the title "my V400 in+ Region/Country" and #FlsunRedPacket hashtag.


1.Keep the Youtube video public during the campaign and follow the required title and hashtag to make it easy for us to find you.

 Selection criteria:

1.Based on the quality and creativity of the video, 20 winners will be selected for their outstanding works.

The date of announcing the results of this activity is Feb. 7, The red packet will be sent by FLSUN official via paypal, and the winners will be informed by email, official website and social media announcement.

Note:All the above times are Beijing time

If you have any other questions, please contact email:Daniel@flsun3d.com.

The final interpretation right belongs to FLSUN


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  • Luis Enrique Gutierrez Polo

    I will like participate 😁 I am very happy with my new flsun v400, today I made my first impression and working perfectly 😁😁😁

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