3D Manufacturing Ant Robot

3D Manufacturing Ant Robot

 Nature is always the source of inspiration for mankind. Recently, Yasemin Ozkan-Aydin, an assistant professor of electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, got inspiration from ants. Ants are one of the most industrious creatures on the planet, so when engineers make micro-robots, it is most appropriate to find inspiration from ants.

Engineers at the University of Notre Dame 3D created a group of simple but effective 6-inch "robot" ants that can overcome obstacles and terrain alone, and when they cannot complete tasks alone, they can ask their companions for help and connect them to form a longer chain. No need for additional guidance from programmers.

Ozkan-Aydin said that size and weight are considerations for space travel, so this type of system is very suitable for space travel.

Due to the complications of the pandemic, they used relatively cheap and easily available materials to build robots at home. The body of the robot is built on a commercial 3D printer and uses the motor you purchased. Ozkan-Aydin said: "Anyone with a 3D printer and a few hundred dollars can make these."

Manufacturing small parts is another advantage of Super racer printing, because it can manufacture lightweight and complex parts. Not only the production cycle is shortened, but the super racer is cheap. Facing the future of technology, FLSUN will continue to lead the 3D printing industry.

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