3D printer on the road of youth

3D printer on the road of youth
When it comes to student education, probably the most frequently heard complaints are emphasizing theory over practice, exam-oriented education, and lack of innovative thinking. And as 3D printing enters the education work, it will subvert our traditional education methods.
3D printing technology can make abstract concepts in the course into real objects and make them concrete. Compared with text and graphics, the physical performance ability is better, which can be seen and touched, making it more intuitive and easier for students to understand.
The one-way knowledge flow of teaching and learning in the past is abandoned. Through the combination of theory and experiment, students can actively ask questions, learn knowledge and apply knowledge, so as to stimulate students' interest in learning and self-driving. Improve students' curiosity and mastery of knowledge.

3D printing technology itself is full of fun for students. Its special advantage of "what you want is what you get" can turn students' wild ideas into reality, and can promote the development of students' hands-on and brain-moving abilities. Gain a sense of achievement, joy, and improve learning enthusiasm.

At present, many famous schools have introduced FLSUN printing as teaching equipment, which shows that the educational community is optimistic about 3D printing. With the popularization of 3D printing in education, its educational value has gradually become prominent, and it has become an important carrier for cultivating students' innovative consciousness, innovative thinking and innovative ability.

Traditional educational equipment can only provide cognitive assistance such as demonstration and verification, while 3D printing has more forms of integration with education and teaching, and focuses more on practice and innovation, which can also make up for the shortcomings of traditional education methods. 3D printing technology can realize the organic integration of mathematics, materials science, physics, information technology, art design and other disciplines. Looking further ahead, 3D printing is currently being used more and more widely in important fields such as manufacturing, technology, medical care, and military, which means that students who go out will have a broader and higher prospect in the future.

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