3D printer room

3D printer room

  What can't you 3D print? Raymond Bruinewoud (40) from Enschede scratched his head. He won't know. He receives the most diverse print requests from friends, acquaintances and strangers. From Star Wars dolls and vases to auto parts and molds for the Enschede water tower, local bakers can use them to make cookies: anything is possible. When he sends the results, he usually also adds a gift - giving mini gifts is common in the 3D printing world

  ”In fact, he said, he was part of it by accident. At the start of the pandemic, he bought his first 3D printer because he wanted to print parts for his drone-flying hobby. And now, his cramped hobby room is suddenly filled with state-of-the-art printers, like the sleek FLSUN Super Racer. "If you put some music under it, it's like dancing."


  3D printing has now dominated his life. According to his girlfriend Lisa Karma , he goes to his room after coffee at ten in the morning and doesn't come back until she finishes dinner. His personal projects take a lot of time. He's currently busy printing a body-hugging Iron Man suit with LED lights for eyes and voice recognition so he sounds like Tony Stark.

   With the development of 3D printing technology, a variety of new technology applications have appeared so far, and Super racer is already a very mature product in desktop printers, no matter in terms of printing speed, cost, safety, and performance. It can be done very well, and maybe that's a big reason why it can attract these fans

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