Congratulations, won the high-tech enterprise!

Congratulations, won the high-tech enterprise!
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Since its establishment, the company has been approved as a high-tech enterprise through continuous efforts and enthusiasm for independent innovation, continuous development and innovation! !

The achievements made this time depend not only on quality, but also on a strong sense of mission!

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development. High-tech enterprises are a guiding policy promulgated by the state. The purpose is to guide enterprises to adjust their industrial structure, take the development path of independent innovation and continuous innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises for independent innovation, and improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities. 


Scientific innovation is an important internal driving force for development. Continue to carry out research and development and the transformation of technological achievements, form the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and carry out business activities on this basis.


The recognition of the national technology field proves that FLSUN has strong technological innovation ability and high-end technology development ability in this field, which is conducive to enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets; it is an important condition for enterprises to bid. FLSUN, a young 3d printing company, will continue to work hard to develop technology to provide more diversified, refined and personalized solutions for 3d printing.



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