Daily Goods Sharing

Daily Goods Sharing

3D printers are diversified. According to the experience of enthusiasts, unlimited space and imagination can be developed. FLSUN launched 3D printing good things to share, and share interesting things printed by enthusiasts.

In this issue, we have collected the works of several overseas users for your reference.

This is a 3D printing enthusiast from Salebime user Kévin Frébourg. After his own research and operation, he tested the two materials PLA and TPU with FLSUN SR and finally printed the model perfectly on the clothes. This time Creativity is undoubtedly successful.


2 couches de 0.15 de hauteur.
10mm/s en vitesse.
Printing consumables are TPU

Birds called crows can refer to multiple species, such as big-billed crows with thick beaks and small-billed crows with thin beaks. The following can be called 3D printed crows.

A model of a crow printed by a Paul Clark user from Indiana with FLSUN SR


120mm/s en vitesse.

10% filling

Printing consumables for PLA takes about seven hours


A 3D printing enthusiast from Denmark, Claus Reidel Henriksen, made a table lamp for children on the weekend as a small project for the weekend parent-child activities.

120mm/s en vitesse.

10% filler without added support

FLSUN printing The printing consumables are PLA, and there are two parts in total. It takes about 19 hours.

The year of the ox is the method of calculating the year in the Chinese calendar. Years with the remainder of 5 when the year number is divided by 12 are all years of the ox. The ox is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. In China, this year is the year of the ox. One of our good friends, Mr. Randy Fisher, used FLSUN SR to print out a mascot for the year of the ox, which means the year of the ox is auspicious and means to make a fortune. At the same time, we also hope that our FLSUN users will be healthy in the Year of the Ox! !

130mm/s en vitesse.

15% filler without added support

FLSUN printing and printing consumables are PLA, a total of one part, and it takes about 10 hours.

 With the continuous expansion of application fields, 3D printing can become a good helper for users in the professional field and can decorate and embellish users' daily lives and improve users' quality of life and happiness. After reading the article, have you been moved by it?

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