DELTA Delta 3D Printer ----SR

DELTA Delta 3D Printer ----SR

 Its structure is simple, cheap, fast printing speed, and strong Z-axis expansion capability. At the same time, the Delta model has a smaller footprint and relatively simple structure compared to other structural models, and it has an extraordinary solid performance that makes the machine durable to use.

 The parallel arm used in the SR is made of carbon rod fiber, which is very light and durable! The body is also made of extremely high quality steel and is so easy to assemble that even a novice can complete the assembly in about half an hour!

 Delta series printers are parallel motion structure, the principle of its work is: the slider relies on the linkage and printer nozzle connected, when the slider up and down movement, relying on the rigidity of the linkage to complete the traction of the nozzle to achieve control of the print head position. The advantages of this structure type of 3D printer are faster, higher accuracy, simple structure, and suitable for DIY.

This structure was first designed for machine carving claws that can quickly and accurately grasp small and light objects. Nowadays, robots using this structure are called parallel robots. This structure emerged in the 1990s, and because of its speed, accuracy and flexibility, parallel robots have become an important part of modern industrial robots.

In terms of the size of the model Delta can print higher sized models. Due to its structure printing speed is faster transmission efficiency is higher. The disadvantages and advantages of the Delta are also due to its parallel arm structure. Although the Delta has a smaller footprint, the printer needs to leave room for the parallel arm to move, which directly limits the printer's utilization of space. Although the utilization of space in three dimensions is low, SR makes full use of its ability to utilize space! In addition, due to a special interpolation algorithm for coordinate positioning, it can only be approximated by multiple linear segments for some curved structures, resulting in a slight shortage of printing accuracy, but the SR has now made up for the shortage of printing accuracy, and the SR is very reliable in terms of the sense of use.

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