Factors Affecting Speed - Firmware

Factors Affecting Speed - Firmware

Another factor that affects printing speed - firmware. Firmware is the link between software and hardware that converts software input into output that computer hardware can understand.

There are several options of firmware for 3D printing, including Marlin, Klipper, RepRap, Repetier, etc. Marlin is undoubtedly the favorite in the 3D printing world, but Klipper supports several unique and advanced features and has a definite advantage in terms of print speed and print quality.


Marlin is one of the most widely known and used 3D printer firmware options, it is available on most of the FDM 3D printers and its main features are wide range of supported machines, wide range of applications, frequent updates and high compatibility, Marlin 2.0 has advanced features, support for additional interface devices, higher stability and the ability to support 32-bit boards.

The Klipper firmware is a feature rich and updated 3D printer firmware that takes a very different approach to 3D printer control.Recognizing that small microcontrollers impose a limit on what printers are capable of, Klipper offloads the bulk of mathematical calculation to a more powerful device (typically a Raspberry Pi).which gives Klipper the ability to implement more computationally intensive and precise control. It can drive many more steps per second than Marlin, which means faster print speeds and higher print quality.

Klipper also supports the use of "input shaping" to reduce the impact of vibration on print quality, a feature that can reduce or eliminate " ringing" in printing parts and in some cases increase print speed while maintaining print quality.


Marlin 2.1+ on 32-bit boards has processing capacity to spare for the vast majority of 3D printers.  It’s well supported with a huge user base, is relatively straightforward to install and configure, and offers functionality for almost any printing scenario, it looks like will continue to be the default firmware choice for printer manufacturers. But the main attraction of Klipper is its ability to perform high speed calculations, resulting in faster 3D printing speeds, and it is definitely the better choice for those looking for better print quality, and higher print speeds.

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