Factors Affecting Speed - Machine Construction

Factors Affecting Speed - Machine Construction

3D printing time is a key factor we consider when we select a printer, but we all know how slowly FDM 3D printers print any large or dense things. In order to achieve high quality, we usually have to print at a slower speed to keep details.Which results in a negative correlation between print quality and print speed, which means that when one goes up, the other must go down.

One of the factors affecting the printing speed - the construction of the printer, There are two main types of FDM 3D printers, delta and Cartesian, and delta construction can improve printing speed to a certain extent.

Firstly, the delta printer has three stepper motors powering the three vertical arms, which means it has three motors powering the XY plane motion instead of two for a Cartesian 3D printer, requiring less time for the same acceleration and deceleration motion.

Second, the delta printer moves much less weight, while the Cartesian printer, with its large and heavy print head, generates momentum as it moves to print, a situation where it would be wise to reduce the print speed because it cannot immediately change direction and print quickly. Thus delta printers can move faster without creating inertia or vibration that can negatively affect print quality.



Besides machine construction, what other factors can affect print speed? Your letters are welcome!

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