FLSUN latest FlsunV400 printer!

FLSUN latest FlsunV400 printer!
Do a good job in Delta, and give customers one more choice! It is the traditional concept of Flsun, from the design structure of the accessories and the whole machine, as well as production, assembly and testing, strict quality control, and is committed to providing customers with products with higher quality and faster printing speed.
Keeping this idea, FLSUN has launched the exciting super racer speed printer in this year, the choice of global users and certainly the driving force of FLSUN's continuous innovation.
After the launch of new products in July, Flsun also brought our latest scientific research results, the FLSUN V400 high-speed printer, to users around the world! Next, let me explain its secrets in detail.

The FLSUN V400 is designed with an ultra-light short-range extruder, which means that the weight of the moving parts is lighter, so that higher printing speeds can be achieved. Combined with the high-speed printing characteristics of the delta structure, the printing speed can reach 400mm/s! Compared with the mainstream 3D printer structure, the printing time can be saved by more than 70%
As 3D printers become more and more popular, high-temperature filaments may be used for daily printing. The hot-end throat of FLSUN V400 is designed with bi-metal structure to meet the high temperature of up to 300°C. Users can choose a wider range of filaments to meet different requirements. Printing needs without worrying about nozzle blockage and other extrusion mishaps.
Choosing a print edition can be a frustrating task. Generally, if the deck plate has good adhesion, it means that the printed model will be difficult to remove. PEI printing plate is the best choice. The surface of PEI printing plate adopts special coating material, which has fast heating and strong adhesion. The main body is made of elastic steel plate, which has good flexibility. The model can be easily removed by bending the platform plate, which is durable and will not deform.
Flsun V400 is a printer suitable for all kinds of players. It is easy to operate, easier to use, and has more space for modification. It is also a high-speed, intelligent and high-precision desktop printer that can well meet any of your needs. printing needs
The Flsun V400 is a printer suitable for all types of players. The operation is simple, the use is more convenient, and the modification space is larger. It is also a high-speed, smart, high-precision desktop printer that can meet any of your printing needs well.
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