FLSUN V400 Official Website Pre-Sale Logistics Update

FLSUN V400 Official Website Pre-Sale Logistics Update

More and more users are receiving the V400, and many bloggers are uploading its review videos in the community or social media, saying that FLSun v400 is an absolutely crazy 3d printer, No.1 in the field of printing speed,just a short time ago, it It was even selected by All3dp as the best 3D printer under $1000.

Thank you very much for your love of V400, we are using it to create more possibilities, in order to enable you to receive the long-awaited printer as soon as possible, the factory workers work overtime day and night, but the sudden epidemic in October, resulting in a logistics standstill, workers blocked at home resulting in reduced productivity, while international express shipping was affected, which caused us not to deliver the printer to you in time. Since the V400 pre-sale, we have received more and more feedback from our customers, and every customer wants to know the latest logistics information about the V400, we sincerely apologize and thank you for your perseverance.

The large number of messages our customer support team receives every day, and so far all V400 pre-orders have been produced by the end of December. We now have monthly shipments from the factory in batches to ensure efficient delivery very quickly, and now the following logistics update:

Thank you for your support. Every customer's feedback is important to us, and we are gradually improving our service system to bring you a better customer experience. We will deliver your package to you intact as soon as possible, and hope you can create unlimited possibilities with V400. If you have logistics exceptions or other questions about V400 please feel free to contact us.

V400 pre-sale logistics consulting email: Daniel@flsun3d.com
After-sales service email: service@flsund3d.com or service@flsun3d.com

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