FLSUN V400, Unbelievable Speed

FLSUN V400, Unbelievable Speed

  We've hit a new level of speed once again! The upcoming new machine, FLSUN V400, has a printing speed of up to 400mm/s. Today, many 3D printing enthusiasts have experienced the joy of high-speed printing with super racer. Once the news of FLSUN's new product is released, the enthusiasm for FLSUN V400 is directly pushed to the top. , began to have all kinds of reverie about the new machine. "Is this an April Fool's joke?" "No, of course not" "Then how do you prove it?"


  Subsequently, we released a video comparison of FLSUN V400 and other printers printing boats. The proportion of boats printed in the video is 185%. The printing parameters of the printer are as follows:


   According to the video, the printing time of FLSUN-V400 is 1h50min, and the printing time of other printers is 6h40min. The FLSUN V400 can also print with good quality at 400mm/s. To view the printed video please click: https://www.facebook.com/2176354725985017/videos/1684523275231673/ 

  Compared with traditional printers, FLSUN V400 saves 70% of printing time, which can be described as a speed revolution of delta machines.  FLSUN is  committed to researching high-speed machines,  not only to help our users save time, but also to make The printer can help customers create value, reflecting its role. Print high-quality models at the fastest speed.  FLSUN, the leader in speed.


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