FLUSN V400 More Detailed Specifications

FLUSN V400 More Detailed Specifications
Technological developments are changing the lives of many people - especially in the field of 3D printing. FLSUN is committed to providing customers with printers with higher quality and faster printing speed. As a pursuer of speed, we constantly break through ourselves and promote the development of the industry.
For today's high-speed 3D printers, the latest FLSUN V400 is a high-speed printer capable of printing up to 400 mm/sec. The fastest FLSUN V400 printer under $1000, with a massive 300*410mm build volume and an impressive array of features that make 3D printing easy.

The FLSUN V400 likes quiet a lot. The silent motherboard is equipped with a noiseless fan, which does not disturb study and sleep. The achievement of silent printing makes the FLSUN V400 series the best choice for home, school and office. Comfortable printing environment, better printing experience.

Even in the dark, the FLSUN V400 illuminates the 3D printing process for users to view. An LED light bar is mounted on the lower part of the gantry, so that the light is fully illuminated at every angle of the nozzle printing. Therefore, whether it is day or night, the printing process can be observed more clearly. Also, LED lights have low power consumption, so they won't cause significant damage to the environment or your electricity bills.

The build surface of the FLSUN V400 is covered by spring steel PEI magnetic sheets for good thermal conductivity and good adhesion. Not only is it durable, it's flexible and can be easily removed once printed. Easy demolding should be what every user expects, flsun V400 has everything!

Last but not least, the FLSUN V400 also adds a 7-inch smart screen equipped with the Klipper system, providing a new, more intuitive user interface. FLSUN V400 can be linked via Wi-Fi, users can start or pause printing remotely.

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