How to choose a 3D printer?

How to choose a 3D printer?
In the new year, more users will enter the big family of 3D printing enthusiasts, and we find that many beginners are struggling with which printer to buy.
The price of 3D printers has come down in recent years, and you can get a lot of affordable models on the market. However, just because a 3D printer is more expensive and more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's better and better suited to your needs. You should think about what you are going to get from your 3D printer, set a budget for yourself and stick to it as much as possible. While cost is important, purchasing a 3D printer that meets your specifications is key.
When buying a 3D printer, printing speed is an important consideration, because larger models take longer to print, and if it fails halfway, it will take longer to print again, so you still need to consider speed when buying a printer.
In fact, the application fields of 3D printers are very wide, and many users will use them for commercial purposes, that is, to use printing production models to directly generate benefits. For commercial purposes, printing speed has a significant relationship with the production of benefits.
Judging by the speed results, the SR's print results are totally worth the money. In addition, the printed print results are done on the basis of the SR default print speed of 150mm/s. It has the characteristics of fast speed, quietness, strong scalability and low cost. Most printers on the market have a speed of 50mm/s-100mm/s. So on the basis of the speed improvement, SR can still make such good quality, it is a well-deserved super racer!

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