New start, New breakthrough

New start, New breakthrough

From March 28th to May 9th, the pre-sale of SR printer has officially ended, thanks to the support of 3D printing users to FLSUN and SR printer.

During the pre-sale period, FLSUN showed the main parts of the SR printer in the form of pictures or videos in the group, and every 3D printing user was full of expectation for the SR printer. As the first pre-sale started, every user who liked the SR printer started to get a printer for themselves. From March 28th to April 9th, the number of preorders for the SR printer exceeded the limit set by FLSUN, and it was because of the support of every user that the first pre -sale of the SR printer was a complete success. Meanwhile, FLSUN opened the second pre-sale from April 19 to May 9 in order to provide better feedback to users and make up for some users' regret of missing out. During the 21- day pre-sale period, the number of SR orders reached a record high, and the SR printer attracted every 3D printing user with its own charm. We believe that those who have used the SR printer have a very high confidence in the SR.

After the order is placed, it means the goods will be sent out soon. After the batches were sent out from the China warehouse, there were many unavoidable circumstances in the shipping and customs clearance process, which resulted in some users in some regions and countries not being able to get their printers within the specified time, for which FLSUN deeply regrets. FLSUN promises to provide customers with the latest logistic situation and treat every customer with the most sincere service.

The release of SR printer is not only a new starting point for FLSUN, but also a new contact with this printer for every user. We believe FLSUN will bring new breakthroughs while facing this new starting point, thus creating a new future!

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