NOZZLER detailed evaluation Super racer

NOZZLER detailed evaluation Super racer

The SR is a Delta architecture printer with high density carbon fiber arms, all guided by linear guides, a veritable Delta machine, one that can print at 150mm/sec in a freshly assembled package!

Glad we got a really good review in the Nozzler test. Nozzler is a website created in 2019 and designed for Makers. They offer promotions and coupons in 4 corners of the web every day, and Nozzler has been able to provide its expertise, as well as product testing, since its creation. 3D printers, 3D filaments, tools, electronic boards, consumables, digital embroidery machines, CNC, laser engraving and cutting machines, accessories...

NOZZLER evaluation:

The print volume is 262x262x330 mm, measuring 440 mm on the ground, the overall height is almost one meter, including the reel stand: 960 mm.
 The Nano motherboard has a 32-bit processor, 4 TMC 2209 motor drivers,
End of filament detector, optical limit switch, 10mm shoulder strap.

As usual, it's always clean, well packaged, and the box is relatively space-efficient considering the size of the finished machine.

Remote capacitive touchscreen on the left front post of the machine, nice color, fast, responsive, fastened with magnets, I love it, really cool, the extension cord that gets you to the bottom of the machine is a really good idea! Cool, real-time head speed display is fun.

  • Speeds: Outer and inner walls at 150 mm/s
  • machine movement speed at 180 mm/s
  • Filling speed at 90 mm/s
  • speed of the initial layer at 25 mm/s

    Congratulations to FLSUN for releasing this beautiful delta, beautiful at all levels, it's a real beautiful machine, well finished, a sleek design, silence, comfort, in short, it works hard from the start, a newer slicer would really have brought a plus in the finishing of the prints of my test but the interest of this article was to answer the question "Can we print at 150 mm/s? ". The answer is yes and it's not far from perfect! so kudos to Flsun.

    Detailed blog post please check:

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