Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance


Our research engineers and programmers have extensive experience in the mechanical and electrical fields. This professional and technical personnel who are passionate about their work and have excellent skills in their respective fields ensure the high quality of FLSUN products.

Super Racer is a dark horse of the best-selling model, and it also needs regular maintenance over time. This makes it ‘always young’. Our researchers and programmers have summarized the maintenance instructions of SR for your reference.

  1. Apply grease to the contact area between the parallel arm and the fish eyeball head, do it once every half a month.
  2. Use alcohol or water to clean the surface of the hotbed before each printing. If the surface of the hotbed is too dirty or there are residual consumables, it will be difficult for the model to stick to the hotbed or cause warping.
  3. Adjust the tightness of the belt, do it once every two months. Adjustment method: loosen the two screws 1 and 2, then turn the belt adjustment knob clockwise until there is no gap between the spacer and the fixed iron piece, and then tighten the screws 1 and 2.
  1. Apply grease to the V-shaped chute of the linear rail and the slider. The grease on the wire rail should be smeared on both sides of the wire rail, and the grease on the slider should be smeared in the hole of the slider. It is recommended to do it every two months.
  2. Clean the inside of the extruder. Completely loosen the adjusting knob on the extruder, you can open the extruder, and use the complimentary brush to clean up the debris and debris remaining in the extruder. It is recommended to do it once a week.
  3. Regularly check whether the fixing buckle on the side of the extruder and the side of the effector module has fallen off or

Damage, falling off or damage to the buckle will cause the material tube to be loosely fixed, which will cause material blockage.

Finally, FLSUN wishes 3D printer enthusiasts to print better works and share them on our Facebook community for display.


  • Daniele

    Yes, I will appreciate too if you insert a maintenance list for the V400

  • David

    Do you have a maintenance list for the flsun V400 yet? Thank you!

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