Super Racer

Super Racer

3D printing has gone through decades from concept to application. But until the last decade, most 3D printing has become cheap and reliable and can be used in homes, small businesses, and schools.

SR is the latest delta-based 3D printer completely independently developed by the company and released in March 2021. Fast printing speed is the biggest advantage of SR. Its default printing speed is 150mm/s. Even at the printing speed of 200mm/s, it has good quality performance. Compared with an Ordinary 3D printer, printing the same model can save about half of the printing time!

Compared with the traditional I 3 structure printer, the usual printing speed of I3 is 50mm/s. In contrast, SR has made a huge improvement to the previous printers.

As a tool to realize creative inspiration quickly and freely, 3D printers are deeply loved by printing enthusiast groups in various countries. Now we can see that many printers experts have evaluated our printers. For example: 3D Printing Nerd,co.ben(tiktok),Teaching Tech,KellyBlogs,mpoxDE,Teaching Tech,EBPMAN Tech Reviews,Just Vlad,Major Hardware,Les Freres Poulain. etc. There are many printer experts, thank you very much for your love of our printers.

Super Racer is a revolutionary product in the 3D printing industry. It has unprecedented printing speed and perfect printing quality, which greatly shortens the waiting time for customers to print. After the launch of Super Racer, foreign 3D printer enthusiasts praised its printing speed and quality. They also received a lot of applause on you-tube and various well-known 3D printer websites such as 3DPrintBeginner. AII3DP.

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