Super racer printing speed

Super racer printing speed

 The most popular 3D printer can help us make specific models at a lower cost, but the molding speed is not as fast as expected, unlike in a sci-fi movie blockbuster, where it is done in a few swipes. For standard parts, it can take hours to complete.

For now, desktop 3D printers can be broadly divided into 3 printing speeds, the first printing speed is 40-50mm/s, the second printing speed is 80-100mm0/s, and the third is at 150mm/s. The common printers in the market belong to the second one.

Super racer is the latest Delta-based 3D printer developed independently.

The fast printing speed is its most significant advantage. Its default printing speed is 150mm/s (about 3-4 times faster than i3 architecture) and its quality performance is good even when running at 200mm/s. Compared to other regular 3D printers, printing the same model saves about half the printing time!

Of course, the size of the printed object affects the speed of some 3D molding technologies, while for others, as long as they are within the printable range, they are almost unaffected.


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