Super racer Resume after power failure

Super racer Resume after power failure
3D printing. By adopting a layer-by-layer accumulation method, when the size of the printed model is large, the molding time can be as long as tens of hours. Some i3 structure 3D printers on the market do not have a power failure and suspension processing mechanism. The model needs to be completed at one time from the beginning to the end. If there is a power failure or other failures in the middle, it needs to be reprinted, which greatly reduces the large-size model. The success rate of printing.
Repeated reprinting also produced a lot of waste of consumables. How to achieve continuous printing after power failure, improve the printing success rate, and save the waste of printing consumables has become a difficult problem in the field of 3D printing technology.
Now the FLSUN SR 3D printer has been equipped with a power-off resuming printing module, which aims to overcome the above-mentioned defects in the prior art. This power-off resuming printing technology can record the coordinate position of the breakpoint of the model and restore the seamless connection of the model during printing. Provides a way to continue the last unfinished print job after power off and power on again.
Avoid reprinting, save printing consumables, greatly increase the success rate of printing, and do not need to set up, the direct firmware configuration is completed, and the implementation method is simple.

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