Super racer TMC 2209 Silent drive

Super racer TMC 2209 Silent drive
At present, the most common circuit configuration of 3D printers is the Arduino MEGA2560 main control board, which is equipped with 4 stepper motor drive boards such as A4988 or TMC2225.
The main consideration for motor drive is whether it should be silent or not? Whether it is necessary to mute is affected by the living environment and personal preference. Simply put, in the dead of night, the sound of the A4988 can be heard across several floors. If you put it in an unoccupied room and print it overnight, you may be able to sleep peacefully, but your neighbors may complain. If you are a student in a dormitory, don’t think about it.
Flsun Super racer is equipped with four TMC2209 silent drivers on the motherboard this time. There are 2208 and A4988 motor drivers. As the price of TMC2209 is higher than other motor drivers, the motor drivers of general 3D printers will choose TMC2225 and TMC2208.
The TMC2209 motor drive is first of all quieter than several other drives, it will not disturb the family's sleep, and will definitely not receive complaints from residents! It is also the best choice for residential students to buy printers.

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