The Age of Speed - High Speed Printer?

The Age of Speed - High Speed Printer?

We live in an age of speed, speed is quietly changing our lives, from waddling and crawling to flying, our transportation from bicycles to cars and trains; our trains from twenty kilometers per hour to two hundred kilometers per hour.

In such a fast paced life, for each of us, time is money, so 3D printing also needs speed, the speed of FDM 3D printer from the original 20mm/s to 400mm/s or even faster nowadays, saving us more time and cost, it's all about speed in rewriting the times.

In your mind, what kind of printer is a fast printer? Is simply meeting a specific number with speed to be fast?

The usual recommended speed for most FDM 3D printers is 60mm/s. There are many tests and experiments that show you once you use a speed higher than this, you will usually start to see slight imperfections such as zits, more distortion or rougher layers. At speeds above 150 mm/s, the print quality drops significantly and with 3D printers working at high speeds brings high efficiency and low quality, which I don't think is exactly the way we want it when it comes to being fast.

In that case, what exactly is the definition of fast? I don't think fast can be expressed by just a number, it is supposed to be the length of time it takes to print the same model at the same quality. So what do you think of fast printers? Would like to hear from you!

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