The most cost-effective printer

The most cost-effective printer
A 3D printer can be called a three-dimensional printer, or a 3D printer (3D Printer, 3DP for short) is a process of rapid prototyping (RP), which uses a layer-by-layer method to create a three-dimensional model. The operation process is similar. Compared with traditional printers, traditional printers print ink on paper to form two-dimensional plane drawings, while three-dimensional printers use liquid photosensitive resin materials, molten plastic filaments, gypsum powder, and other materials through spraying adhesives or extruding In other ways, the layers are stacked to form a three-dimensional entity.
The price/performance ratio of printing is usually shown in terms of print quality, design, durability, and speed.

Print quality:

Print quality is the most direct indicator that reflects the quality of the printer's output. Judging from the printed results, SR's printed results are completely worth the money. In addition, the printing result of printing is completed on the basis of SR's default printing speed of 150mm/s. The speed of most printers in the market is 50mm/s-100mm/s. So on the basis of speed improvement, SR can still make such good quality, it is a well-deserved Super Racer!

Appearance design:
FLSUN insists on the delta design. This is what we have always insisted on. What we want to do is our own brand’s own characteristics. Unlike most Cartesian printers on the market, the delta design gives people a sense of technology, and FLSUN uses It is a large amount of black, which adds a sense of solemnity and also represents the historical heaviness of the 3D printing industry.


SR is made of all metal on the shell, so its quality is very good, and the parallel arm of SR is replaced with a very light but extremely durable carbon fiber material. The slide rail is also equipped with a 10MM belt. The belt of this material is not only strong in rigidity, but also in high precision. At the same time, it is equipped with a large torque of 48mm to ensure lower noise at high speeds. The high-precision stepping motor equipped with SR not only guarantees the movement power but also guarantees high-speed printing accuracy!


The speed of SR is not only a little faster. Compared with orange brand printers, SR is almost three times faster than them. Compared with blue brand printers, SR's default speed is also faster than their counterparts at the same price. Up twice. And this default speed is done with good print quality!

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