Winter solstice, we are together

Winter solstice, we are together

Wisdom wins and achieves a win-win situation. December 21st is our traditional Chinese festival-Winter Solstice. As soon as the winter solstice arrives, the New Year is right in front of us, so the ancients believed that the winter solstice is no less important than the New Year, and the saying that the winter solstice is as big as the year is still circulated to this day. In order to further strengthen the communication between employees, enhance friendship, and feel the warmth of the festival, FLSUN deliberately held the theme of "Return to Tradition and Welcome the Winter Solstice" when the winter solstice is approaching.

When employees participate in tug-of-war competitions, they formed groups. Each team sent a total of 11 men and women to participate in the competition. All of them strengthened their preparations and showed a high fighting spirit. Under the order of referee Li Mingxing, the cheers were loud.

 Winter solstice, we are together

Employees participate in the "One Yuan Five Jiao" game. Since the rules of the game are that after the referee speaks out an amount, participants need to find other members to hold together to form the amount required by the referee within the specified time. Those who fail to find the team within the specified time will face elimination. So the employees are concentrated and enthusiastic, and after a few rounds of games, they are still excited.

The last activity of the networking event is “microphone” game, where group members pass information from the back of the team to the front. The group with the fastest and most accurate information will win. The members used their brains and tried their best to forward the information under the interference of the sound.

At the end of the event, a member of the preparatory team, asked everyone not to forget to eat dumplings and protect their ears from frostbite. Hope that all of our employees will meet today and the winter solstice together every year.

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