• 600mm/s Amazing Speed • 300*410 mm² Printing Size • Support 300℃ Printing

SR, so fast

• 150-200mm/s high speed printing • Different handheld capacitive screen • High speed & perfect printing

V400 Enclosure

3D Printer

Advanced printers create more possibilities

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High-quality filaments for perfect printing

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Upgrade your printer with official parts

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Our mission is to "put the personalized production capacity to everyone's desktop".

Press Review

“The Best Delta 3D Printers of 2022.Delta 3D printers are high-caliber machines that work fast and offer quality prints.”

Lauren Fuentes


“FLSun's new V400 delta 3D printer is here, and it's showing just how fast a pre-installed Klipper engine can push it through high-speed 3D printing heats.”

Shawn Frey


“FLSun’s V400 is a massive Delta printer that delivers excellent speedy prints with the help of Klipper.”

Denise Bertacchi

— tomshardware.com


Amazing Speed!