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Capability Meets Creativity

CPAP High-Pressure Turbo Fan

With a wind (air flow) speed of 40,000 rpm that changes according to the printing speed of different parts; automatically adjusts the wind speed to ensure the cooling effect.

Motion Control Algorithm

self-developed delta structure control algorithm to improve printer speed

Binocular Structured Light System

○ Components:two high-definition camera and a micron-sized laser 

○ Function: Capture print details accurately—through the first layer detection, accuracy calibration, flow calibration

AI Detection

○ AI real-time detection and issue identification

○ The detection of debris and spaghetti 

Intelligent Zoned Heating

○ Precise heating control

○ Improvement of quality

Fully Automatic Levelling

With one-click the S1 will calibrate and adjust the bed level making getting thatperfect Z height simple and easy to master.

Vibration Compensation

With the S1 optimized algorithms, it will ensure print accuracy and avoid surface roughness and deformation.

Consumables Weighing

timely alerts when consumables (filaments) are running low.

Material Break Detection

Printing will be paused immediately when the consumable runs out, never destroying the part of the model that has already been printed and causing the print to fail.

Filament Drying

This unique function will ensure that the current filament are in a dry state during printing and the other is to dry any humid filament.


Printing Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Electronics Display Full-Integration Touchscreen
Printing Accuracy 0.1mm Storage 16GB EMMC、32GB USB Flash
Recommended Layer Height 0.1-0.35mm Control interface Touchscreen, PC Interface
Chassis Build Volume 320 * 430mm CPU Quad-Core ARM A7 1.5 GHz
Frame Full Metal NPU 2 tops
Dimensions Product Dimensions 550*595*1030mm Camera pixels 1920 × 1080 pixels
Package Dimensions 640*680*1120mm Real-time Monitoring Support
Net Weight 41kg Time-lapse Photography Support
Gross Weight 51kg Sensors Remaining filament weight Dynamic Monitoring
Effector Extruder Dual-Gear Direct Drive Extruder Filament Detection Support
Nozzle Hardened Steel Filament Clog Detection Support
Nozzle MAX Temp 350℃ Vibration Compensation Support
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm Auto-Leveling Support
Filament Diameter 1.75mm AI  Lidar Detection First Layer Detection Support
Motor Motor Types 36V Closed-loop motor Accuracy Calibration Support
Bed Build Plate Textured PEI Print Plate Flow Calibration Support
Bed MAX Temp 120℃ AI Features Debris Detection Support
Smart Zone Heating Inner Circle 220mm、Outer Ring 220-320mm Spaghetti Detection Support
Materials Supported PLA、 PETG、 TPU、 ABS、 ASA、 PVA、PET、
PA、 PC、PLA-CF etc.
Energy Efficiency Screen auto sleep Support
Drying Separate Heating elements,Desiccant Printer auto power off Support
Cooling Fan CPAP turbofan 40000 rpm Smart Zone Heating Support
Speed MAX Speed 1200mm/s Power Off Resume Print Module Support(Z lift, protect model)
MAX Acceleration 40000mm/s2 Air Filter Composite filter: HEPA + Activated Carbon
MAX Flow Rate 110mm3/s (PLA) System Upgrade Upgrade Method OTA
PSU Input 110-240V,50/60HZ Software Slicer Flsun Slicer、Third-Party Slicers
Power 1300W@220V,600W@110V Supported OS MacOS、 Windows
File Format STL、OBJ、AMF、3MF