Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement:

(1) The product is used normally, but there is damage or malfunction not caused by the customer.
(2) Product malfunction due to product quality or workmanship.

Warranty Period:

(1) The product warranty period is calculated backwards from the date the original customer receives the product: 2 year warranty for consumers in EU, Switzerland, Norway.
The rest of the world (any country not mentioned above) has a 1 year warranty.
(2) The warranty period for second-hand products and wearing parts is 3 months. Consumable parts include: heating block, nozzle, metal pipe, belt, actuator temperature sensor, actuator heating rod, spring steel hot bed.
(3) Replacement parts reissued to users free of charge due to quality problems have no warranty period.
(4) We provide lifelong after-sales technical consulting services. Attention: If the product is damaged due to non-quality issues, you will need to pay for the cost of the accessories required for repair.

Warranty service will not be provided in the following cases:

(1) The order number or proof of purchase cannot be provided, or there is reason to believe that these evidences are forged or tampered with.
(2) The product is beyond the warranty period.
(3) Product damage caused by unauthorized modification or firmware modification.
(4) The product was found to be damaged during transportation but was not rejected upon delivery, or the logistics company did not issue a certificate of damage and was unable to provide proof of damage during transportation.
(5) Product damage caused by incorrect installation and use.
(6) Product damage caused by irresistible external forces (such as floods, typhoons, fires, earthquakes, etc.).
(7) Product damage caused by not working in the specified environment.
FLSUN reserves the right of final interpretation of the above service policies.

Warm Tips:

(1)Please read the user manual and warranty policy / after-sale support carefully before using the printer.
(2)Please take the initiative to provide your order number and proof of purchase when contacting our after-sales support staff, if you can not provide the order number or proof of purchase, FLSUN has the right to refuse to provide you with after-sales support.
(3)Please take the initiative to cooperate with our staff to complete the inspection and repair of the printer, if you refuse to cooperate, we have the right to refuse to provide you with after-sales support.
(4)Printer repaired by our professional guidance, still enjoy the warranty service until the end of the warranty period.
(5)If you are dissatisfied with our after-sales service or suggestions for improvement (including complaints and praise), you can contact our complaint email feedback: cicca@flsun3d.com; we will certainly reply you within twenty-four hours to investigate and verify your problem and deal with it to give you a satisfactory answer.
Attention: Warranty policy may differ from local laws and regulations, the specific provisions of the relevant national laws and regulations shall prevail.
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