Talk About You and Flsun 3D Printer

How To Participate:

1.Enter the event page and leave your contact information

(email, name, phone number).

2.Upload your own story manuscript.

Story Collection Rules:

1.You can upload some stories and pictures about you and the Flsun machine, such as where you learned about the Flsun machine, whi- ch model was your first machine, and what are your typical works ( can be shown in pictures or videos), How do you feel about Flsun 3D Printer? What are its advantages and areas for improvement?

2.The length of the article is preferably more than 300 words, and the content is true and original.

Participation Award:

1.For those who participate in the event, your works will have the op- portunity to be displayed on Flsun official website.

2.Anyone who participates in the event will have the opportunity to receive an exquisite gift package.

3.Anyone who participates in the event can enjoy large discount coupons for products. (The discount will be sent to the customer via email).