Factors Affecting Speed - Motion System
Factors affecting the printing speed - the motion system, stepper motors and motor drives are responsible for all linear motion of the printer and are closely related to the printing speed. Nowadays, the most commonly used in 3d printing industry...
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Factors Affecting Speed - Cooling System
Factors affecting the printing speed - cooling system, the current 3D printer cooling system used most is the fan, the size of the fan, wind size and wind direction have a certain impact on the cooling effect, the different cooling...
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THE BEST 3D PRINTERS Under $1,000: FLSun V400
All3DP is the #1 magazine for the digital maker, with compelling content on 3D printing, 3D scanning, CAD, laser cutting/engraving, CNC, SBCs, and more. All3DP has remained the international leading online magazine for 3D printing. Let us enthusiastically congratulate, on...
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