Unveiling the New Printer: Join Our Mystery Printer Live Challenge!

Jul 08

Dear 3D Printing Enthusiasts,


We are thrilled to announce that FLSUN will launch a 24-hour extreme printing test challenge for a mysterious new machine on July 10. This challenge will be presented in the form of a live broadcast. Let's take a look at the exciting parts of the live broadcast.


Here are the details of the livestream:

Time: July 10, 10:00 AM - July 11, 10:00 AM (CET)

Platform: Facebook、Youtube

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/680987557524396/?ref=newsfeed



What will we do during the live broadcast?



10:00-10:20 CET, July 10


1. Greetings and interaction
2.Live Broadcast Introduction
3.Lottery: Lottery rules and prize introduction

4.Bency printing

10:20-10:25 CET, July 10

First round of draw

10:25-14:40 CET, July 10

Sorting hat printing

16:00-17:00 CET, July 10

Host interaction and the Second round of draw

17:00-4:00 CET, July 10

Printing in progress...

4:00-5:00 CET, July 11

Host interaction and the third round of draw

5:00-9:00 CET, July 11

Printing in progress...

9:00-10:00 CET, July 11

Host interaction and the last round of draw



Then how about the prize?

First Prize: mysterious new printer discount codes $100 * 2

Second Prize: mysterious new printer discount codes $50 or 2 rolls of 500g high-speed consumables * 6

Third Prize: mysterious new printer discount codes $20 or 1 roll of 500g high-speed consumables * 12


How Can You Participate?

Join the live stream and participate for a chance to win exciting prizes.


In this live challenge, you will not only get a sneak peek at the ultimate performance of our mysterious new machine, but also have a chance to win incredible prizes. Let's make this event unforgettable together!