Frequently Asked Questions

XYZ axis uses TMC2208, E uses 4988.
Q5 does not support printing with WiFi because there is no WiFi module installed on the motherboard.
210mm, the distance between the centers of the two fisheye ball heads.
The Q5's motherboard has reserved ports for the second extruder, but we have not tested the installation of the second extruder on the Q5. If you are interested,you can give it a try.
The fans on the hot end of Q5 are 4010 turbo fan and 4010 cooling fan, they use 24V power supply.
The thermistor model is NTC 100K, and the heating rod model is 24V 40W.
This can prevent the Q5 synchronous wheel from falling off the motor. If you need to replace the motor or the synchronous wheel, you need to replace all.
You can download the latest firmware from our official website to solve this problem.
No, because there is no reserved installation interface for the second extruder on the motherboard.
The length of each belt of QQ-S Pro is 1486mm, and the model is 2GT 6mm.
Yes, QQ-S Pro can be upgraded to TMC 2208, TMC 2209, etc., but the firmware needs to be updated.
280mm,the distance between the center of the two fish eyeball heads.
Two 4010 turbo fans, one 4020 cooling fan.
The temperature of the nozzle does not exceed 250°C, and the temperature of the hot bed does not exceed 90°C.
The extruder of QQ-S Pro can be replaced with another type of extruder. You need to modify the pulse value of the extruder in the line ">EXT0_STEPS_PER_MM 367" to the pulse of the new extruder in the firmware configuration file.
QQ-S Pro can upload Marlin, but flsun don’t have official Marlin firmware.
SR uses two different motherboards, SKR V1.3 and Robin Nano V3.0. If your printer is using Robin Nano V3.0,there will be a U disk interface, just like in the photo NO1.
The model of the SR belt is: 2GT 10mm. The length of a single belt is 1250mm.
SR uses an open source firmware based on Marlin 2.0.8, you can download the source file from FLSUN's official website.
Two 4010 turbo fans and one 4010 cooling fan.
This is deliberately designed to prevent the filament from getting stuck in the filament detecting sensor, which may damage the filament detecting sensor when auto return the filament.
The default extruder current of SR is 0.95A. Use Repetier to connect the printer, enter the command "M906 T0 E (value)", and then enter "M500" to save.For example, enter "M906 T0 E800" to modify the extruder current to 0.8A.
The default steps of SR extruder is 420. Use Repetier to connect the printer, enter the command "M92 E (value)", and then enter "M500" to save the steps of the extruder, for example enter the command "M92 E370" can modify the steps of the extruder to 370.
When the printing speed exceeds 200mm/s, the printing quality will start to deteriorate, so we do not recommend setting the printing speed to exceed 200mm/s.
315mm, the distance from the center to the center of the two fish eyeballs.