1. What driver blocks does Q5 use?

XYZ axis uses TMC2208, E uses 4988.

2.Does Q5 support printing with WiFi ?

Q5 does not support printing with WiFi because there is no WiFi module installed on the motherboard.

3.What is the length of one Q5 belt?


4.What model is the motherboard cooling fan of Q5?

24V 4020.

5.What is the length of the Q5 parallel arm?

210mm, the distance between the centers of the two fisheye ball heads.

6.Is it possible to install a second extruder on Q5?

The Q5's motherboard has reserved ports for the second extruder, but we have not tested the installation of the second extruder on the Q5. If you are interested,you can give it a try.

7.What model is the fan on the Q5 hot end? What is the supply voltage?

The fans on the hot end of Q5 are 4010 turbo fan and 4010 cooling fan, they use 24V power supply.

8.What is the model of the thermistor and heating rod of the Q5 nozzle?

The thermistor model is NTC 100K, and the heating rod model is 24V 40W.

9. What is the model of the Q5 power supply?

24V 12A 240W.

10. What the firmware does Q5 use?


11.What is the length of the Q5 PTFE tube?


12.What is the gear model on the Q5 XYZ axes motor?

2GT 20 teeth.

13.Why are the motor and synchronous wheel of Q5 fixed together?

This can prevent the Q5 synchronous wheel from falling off the motor. If you need to replace the motor or the synchronous wheel, you need to replace all.

14.Why does the print head fall down after the print is finished?

You can download the latest firmware from our official website to solve this problem.