1.Can QQ-S Pro install a second extruder?

No, because there is no reserved installation interface for the second extruder on the motherboard.

2.What are the specifications of the QQ-S Pro power supply?

24V 15A 360W.

3.What is the thermistor model of QQ-S Pro?

NTC 100K.

4.What is the model of the heating rod of QQ-S Pro?

24V 40W

5.What firmware does QQ-S Pro use?


6.What is the length of each belt of QQ-S Pro and what is its model?

The length of each belt of QQ-S Pro is 1486mm, and the model is 2GT 6mm.

7.What kind of stepper drivers does QQ-S Pro use?

4 A4988.

8.Can QQ-S Pro be upgraded to other types of stepper drivers?

Yes, QQ-S Pro can be upgraded to TMC 2208, TMC 2209, etc., but the firmware needs to be updated.

9.What is the length of the parallel arm of QQ-S Pro?

280mm,the distance between the center of the two fish eyeball heads.

10.What are the models of the three fans on the QQ-S pro hot end?

Two 4010 turbo fans, one 4020 cooling fan.

11.What is the model and size of the QQ-S Pro heating block?

E3D V6,and the size is 16*16*12mm.

12.What is the overall size of the QQ-S Pro?


13.Which filament does QQ-S Pro support?


14.What is the maximum temperature of QQ-S Pro nozzle and hot bed?

The temperature of the nozzle does not exceed 250°C, and the temperature of the hot bed does not exceed 90°C.

15.What is the length of the QQ-S Pro PTFE tube?


16.Can the extruder of QQ-S Pro be replaced with another type of extruder, such as BMG extruder, which parameters in the firmware need to be modified?

The extruder of QQ-S Pro can be replaced with another type of extruder. You need to modify the pulse value of the extruder in the line ">EXT0_STEPS_PER_MM 367" to the pulse of the new extruder in the firmware configuration file.

17.What is the model of the pneumatic connector?


18.Can QQ-S Pro upload the latest Marlin? Does FLSUN have Marlin for QQ-S Pro?

QQ-S Pro can upload Marlin, but flsun don’t have official Marlin firmware.