The V400 Delta Printer Is a Favorite Among Creators

May 16

Julien, a French 3D printing enthusiast, began his journey with an Ender5 and later a Mizar M. In 2023, he embraced the V400 Delta printer, which quickly became his favorite. Since its arrival, he has tested 50 kilos of various materials and colors, finding that none of his previous printers could match the V400's speed.

Julien’s appreciation for the V400's capabilities is evident; he enjoys the larger print sizes it offers, allowing him to create busts that were not possible with his old machine. After a year of use, Julien has only needed to replace the belts and sensors for consumables, attesting to the machine's quality. Grateful for the V400's impact on his work, Julien has decided to showcase it at the upcoming 3D Printing Craft Show, even designing a special poster to promote it.

V400 3D Printer

In order to focus more on his printing projects, Julien set up a studio for his printer. This studio not only provides a quiet and tidy working environment, but is also equipped with various necessary tools and equipment to ensure a smooth printing process. conduct. He carefully selects printing materials, including supplies in different colors and textures, to meet the needs of a variety of different projects. In this dedicated studio, Julien prints a wide variety of items, covering masks, helmets, chess sets, anime characters and other items. Next, he also wants to try different designs and ideas and transform his imagination into real objects. At the same time, he also plans to invite friends and colleagues to participate in printing projects, share each other's experiences and ideas, and turn the studio into a creative gathering place. Such cooperation and exchanges will not only enrich his printing experience, but also promote his creativity and technical level.

In conclusion, Julien's experience highlights the V400 Delta printer's superior speed, quality, and reliability. His endorsement and advocacy for our products have not only enriched his own printing journey but also inspired others to explore 3D printing. Committed to delivering exceptional experiences with Flsun high-speed printers, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and engaging real users to share their stories. We are confident that Flsun high-speed printers will soon become a household name, trusted and chosen by many.