🚀👾 Join us in our 3D printed Halloween tournament! Share your cosplay and vote for your favorite. Details in the post below. We can't wait to see what you've created! 🧛‍♂️🎨

Oct 27

This year, FLSUN has transformed, bringing you closer to the heart of our community. We've opened vibrant FLSUN communities on Reddit and Discord, creating spaces for all the passionate FLSUN enthusiasts out there!

And guess what? Halloween just got spookier and more exciting! We're thrilled to announce the 2023 Halloween Cosplay Contest, where you get to showcase your creativity alongside 9 spirited FLSUN marketing team members.

🏆Prizes Await:

1st Prize: A brand-new mysterious FLSUN 3D Printer

Top 5: FLSUN-themed apron designed for 3D printing

Top 6-10: FLSUN Halloween-themed plush pillow

Top 11-15: FLSUN Halloween-themed tote bag

How to Join:

Photo Submission Period (October 29th - November 2nd):

Action: Participants can submit their cosplays during this period.

Submission Process : Open a ticket in #📩┃registration channel following the rules provided in the embedded message.

Discord link:


How to Vote:

Voting Period (November 3rd - November 6th):

Action: Once all participants are in, we'll create a post with brackets to be shared across all FLSUN platforms. Each round will have a total of X participants ("to be decided by total number of entrants" ex: 2/4/6)

Voting Platform: Voting will take place exclusively on the Discord server in the designated channel.

Voting Process: Users react with emojis in 📥┃vote-here Discord channel (e.g., for 👍 Cosplay A, ❤️ for Cosplay B).

Voting Limitations: One reaction per cosplay entry.

Scoring and Winners:

Action: Winners determined by the number of reactions during round period.

Winner Announcement: The last winner of each bracket advances to the final on Nov 5th. FLSUN announces the ultimate winner on November 6th on all social media platforms and Discord.

📋 Rules:


The contest is open worldwide.

One submission per participant allowed.

Cosplay Criteria:

Cosplays must come with a significant amount of 3D printed parts.

Cosplays from any fictional universe are accepted.

Submission Guidelines:

Post cosplay photos clearly showcasing the costume from various angles in your private Discord ticket channel, along with your full name, nickname on Facebook, nickname on Instagram, nickname on Reddit, a brief description of your costume indicating which parts were 3D printed, also attaching detailed photos of said parts.

Matching Guidelines:

Once the dedicated registration period for the event is over, challenger rounds will be randomly drawn.

Voting Guidelines:

Users can react with one emoji per cosplay entry.

Participants are encouraged to promote their entries within the FLSUN community for more reactions.

Fair Play:

Participants and voters must maintain a fair and respectful environment.

Any attempts to manipulate votes will lead to disqualification.

Join us in this thrilling contest, and let your creativity shine! Get ready for a Halloween filled with amazing cosplays and fantastic prizes!