Pascal Archambault and the V400 Printer: A Dynamic Duo in Printing Excellence

Apr 18

Pascal Archambault, a renowned actor in Colombia, Canada, is passionate about his craft. He dedicates himself to perfecting every detail of his work, including the creation of props for theater performances. Utilizing 3D printers, he crafts a variety of custom props that enhance his daily performances.

In February 2023, Pascal invested in his first 3D printer Flsun V400. His initial experience with the printer was overwhelmingly positive, leading him to commend its good performance, exceptional quality, and outstanding support. The V400’s capability to produce superior models left him thoroughly impressed, solidifying his satisfaction with Flsun’s products and technology.

Pascal eagerly awaits the release of the new S1 model. Despite missing the opportunity to acquire it during the initial pre-sale, he remains enthusiastic and looks forward to being informed about its next availability.

Flsun Story

Pascal used the V400 to print a lot of props for different purposes, such as helmets for performances, holiday decorations for Christmas and other festivals, prop guns for drama roles, multi-colored chessboards, castle inspired models for various performance scenes, headdresses, statues, and so on; some of which are shown below:

Flsun Story

The production of these props not only showcases Pascal’s meticulous attention to the theatrical details but also demonstrates his adaptability with the V400 printer and his proficiency in 3D printing technology. The diversity and realism of the props contribute to the visual splendor of his performances, offering the audience an extraordinary theatrical experience.

Beyond crafting theater props, Pascal extends his 3D printing skills to create practical items for everyday use, including cell phone holders and toolboxes. His enthusiasm for 3D printing extends to his social circle as well, as he delights in making personalized gifts and playful toys for his friends.

Flsun Story3

Through the creation of these models, Pascal not only highlights the versatility and adaptability of the V400 printer but also fulfills his unique needs. His innovative spirit and eagerness to share are a testament to his independence and creativity in both his personal and professional life. Pascal’s contentment with our products and the after-sales service, coupled with his excitement for upcoming releases, serves as a source of motivation for our team at Flsun. We are deeply appreciative of every user like Pascal who has offered invaluable feedback and encouragement, spurring our team to pursue further innovation and improvement. We remain committed to exceeding the evolving demands and expectations of our customers by delivering superior products and services.