V400 Printer: Revolutionizing Cosplay with Innovative Wig Designs

Mar 25

In the heart of Paris, France, Rohan Marier, a cosplay enthusiast, has been crafting an array of character accessories with the V400 printer. His collection spans helmets, masks, finger cuffs, earrings, and notably, 3D printed wigs. These wigs are not just about hair; they infuse characters with a unique essence, elevating the entire cosplay experience.

Flsun V400 has empowered Rohan to push the boundaries of customization, efficiency, quality, and material versatility, redefining what's possible in cosplay artistry.


Rohan leverages the V400's precision and multi-material capabilities to craft an assortment of stunning wigs. With its nozzle reaching temperatures up to 300°C, he can print flexible bases that conform perfectly to the head, topped with colorful, lifelike sections for added realism.

Utilizing 3D modeling software, Rohan tailors each wig to its character, and the V400's rapid and reliable performance brings his designs to life. Let's delve into the creative world of Rohan Marier's wig designs:


Rohan's fusion of creativity and cutting-edge technology has not only yielded personalized, professional cosplay creations but has also shattered conventional wig-making constraints, infusing his pieces with boundless creativity and imagination. This trailblazing method not only enriches the cosplay community but also paves the way for 3D printing's exploration in arts and entertainment.

The impact of Rohan's V400-crafted wigs has rippled through the cosplay world and beyond, garnering attention across social media. His ingenious designs showcase the transformative potential of 3D printing in the realms of art and fashion.

As 3D printing technology evolves and becomes more widespread, visionaries like Rohan Marier will increasingly showcase their talents, injecting fresh innovation and energy into the cosplay scene. We eagerly anticipate more of his groundbreaking work, inspiring awe and sparking creativity.