The king of 3D printed masks

Jan 24

Meet Silver, a creative 3D printing enthusiast from Italy who currently lives in China. He discovered FLSUN through our online community and was impressed by our FLSUN SR printer. But he wanted more speed and smart features, so he ordered our latest V400 printer, which can print faster and smarter than ever before.

Silver was amazed by the V400's incredible printing speed. He could print a helmet model in just a few hours, instead of more than 20 hours on other printers. He also loves the V400's intelligent remote control, which allows him to monitor and adjust his prints from anywhere. The V400 gave Silver the flexibility and efficiency he needs to create complex and personalized designs.

Silver used the V400 to print dozens of masks of his own design, each one unique and expressive. He completed this challenging project in a short time, thanks to the V400's powerful performance. He has also expanded his great potential in 3D printing, as he has explored different shapes and styles with his masks. Silver is very happy with his V400 printer and he can't wait to start his next project.

flsun model
flsun model

We are thrilled to share with you the story of Silver, one of our loyal customers who has been using the FLSUN V400 for a long time. Silver is very happy with the V400 and its amazing speed and quality. He is also very excited about our upcoming new machine, the FLSUN S1/T1, and he has been following our news and updates closely. He has also given us some valuable feedback and suggestions on how to improve our products and services. We really appreciate his support, feedback and trust in FLSUN.

Silver's story is a great example of how the FLSUN V400 can help you unleash your creativity and achieve your 3D printing goals. The V400 is a versatile and reliable machine that can handle various materials and complex models with ease. It is also very easy to use and maintain, thanks to its user-friendly design and features. The V400 is a perfect choice for beginners and experts alike.

But we are not stopping there. We are always striving to innovate and bring you the best 3D printing experience possible. That's why we are launching the FLSUN S1/T1, a new machine that will take your 3D printing to the next level. It has a large build volume, a heated bed, a touch screen, and many other advanced features that will make your 3D printing faster, easier, and more fun.

We can't wait to show you more details about the FLSUN S1/T1 soon. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements and promotions. We hope you are as excited as we are about this new machine. Thank you for choosing FLSUN as your 3D printing partner.