3D Printing - Anime Enthusiast

Jan 31

Charlie, a UK-based anime fan, has a blast printing his favorite characters. It’s a fun and creative hobby for him. In 2023, he discovered FLSUN online and got himself a FLSUN V400. Thanks to its super-fast printing speed and user-friendly operating system, Charlie could easily bring his anime-inspired creations to life, one print at a time. He’s really into the print quality too.

Over the past year, after having a great time with the V400, Charlie got hooked on 3D printing and printed hundreds of anime characters. He not only enjoys the thrill of printing anime characters, but he’s also leveled up his printing skills. He shares his V400 experiences with others in our group, helping fellow anime fans get into 3D printing. He also lets people in on his operating tips, and chats about their design ideas. They swap model design files, inspire each other, and sometimes team up to create some one-of-a-kind pieces. This kind of interaction really boosts the vibe in the group, creating a network of creative enthusiasm and mutual support.

Now, let’s check out some of Charlie’s cool creations: Super Mario, a large-scale Pinocchio, Tintin, Snow Day, Gandalf, and more.

The V400's high-speed printing and high-precision quality provide Charlie with a very direct way to express his love of anime, while also allowing him to engage deeply in the world of 3D printing technology.


In conclusion, Charlie has skillfully combined his passion for anime with his creativity, producing a plethora of unique and intricate pieces using the V400’s superior performance. This endeavor has not only provided him with enjoyment but has also facilitated his significant advancement in the realm of 3D printing. By sharing his knowledge and experiences, exchanging ideas, and collaborating with others, he has fostered strong relationships within the community, encouraging interaction and creative dialogue among group members.

This narrative illustrates that the V400 is more than just an efficient printer; it serves as a conduit that links the community of anime enthusiasts and sparks boundless creative potential. We extend our gratitude to Charlie for his surprising and inspiring contributions to the community, and we look forward to his continued enjoyment of his creative journey in the future!