Factors Affecting Speed - Motion System

Oct 25

Factors affecting the printing speed - the motion system, stepper motors and motor drives are responsible for all linear motion of the printer and are closely related to the printing speed.

Nowadays, the most commonly used in 3d printing industry is stepper motor, for stepper motor, its rated current, torque, holding torque all have an important impact on the printing speed. In general, the higher the current, the higher the torque, the faster the printer can run, the greater the acceleration, they have a positive impact on reducing printing time.

In addition to stepper motor, the selection of the driver also has an impact on the printing speed, the common drivers on the market are A4988, TMC2208, TMC2209, etc.. The driver is the device that provides current to the motor, so the rated current of the driver is an important parameter that we need to consider, the greater the current that the driver can provide, the greater the torque of the motor, the higher the speed of the printer.In addition to the current, the driver is also closely related to the noise level of the printer, the driver of the TMC series can be used in silent mode and high-speed mode, the overall noise of the printer will be lower by using the silent mode, while the movement of the printer will also be more stable and less vibration.

Therefore, choose the correct stepper motor and motor drive, can make our printing speed and printing quality to get a certain degree of improvement, the use of the feeling will be better!