Flsun 3D Printer - Creating Customized Cookie Molds

Mar 18

Salvatore Navarra, an Italian 3D cooking enthusiast, has long been involved in designing and creating cookie molds. He operates his own webstore, which is particularly popular and well-received by customers for its focus on customizing a variety of cooking molds.

Currently, he utilizes 4 V400 and 1 SR printer, which significantly aid him in efficiently customizing molds for customers and reducing delivery times. He employs these printers to rapidly produce cookie molds in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials. He meticulously tests the printed molds to ensure they meet customer requirements and standards.

He now offers acrylic and silicone molds, produced with FLSUN printers, for sale on his website. Owing to the superior print quality of the molds and Salvatore’s prompt delivery, these items are top sellers. As a testament to their popularity, his products are prominently displayed on the homepage of his website.

For our printers, he has commented: "Really like FLSUN's printers, the print quality is great, with FLSUN brand printers that print fast and well, there is no need to buy other brands", his comment on Flsun printers confirms the high quality and reliability of these printers, which are are vital to his business.


Salvatore Navarra operates his own brick-and-mortar store, where he creates a variety of pastry delicacies. The V400 and SR printers have significantly enhanced the store’s patisserie designs, making them more advanced, artistic, and versatile. These Flsun 3D printers have provided Salvatore Navarra with a platform to exercise his creativity in designing and producing a broad array of unique patisserie items to meet the diverse needs of his customers, thereby enhancing the appeal and uniqueness of his store’s offerings. These distinctive designs and treats have drawn more customers, boosting the store’s visibility and competitiveness.Flsun V400 and SR printers have endowed Salvatore Navarra’s store with the flexibility to cater to customized needs and swiftly transition from model design to the finished product.


In summary, the V400 and SR have empowered Salvatore Navarra to realize customized products, swift design iterations, savings in costs and resources, and personalized design. They have also facilitated the fulfillment of his creative aspirations, playing an integral role in both his online and offline businesses.

The benefits offered by Flsun have profound implications for product design and manufacturing across various industries. They enable a more flexible, efficient, and innovative business model by delivering personalized products and services, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.