Flsun, Leading The Ultrahigh-speed 3D Printing Era

Dec 12

After 7 years of hard work in research & development, Flsun bring us good news. The new S1 and T1 have achieved major breakthroughs in printing speed, truly achieving ultra-high-speed printing. As soon as the specifications was released by Flsun Official, it attracted the majority of 3D printing enthusiasts interest, in both new machines and the pre-sale time and conditions.

During the pre sale period of the new machine from November 23 to November 28, 2023, sales exceeded 2,000 units in just 5 days, and global sales reached $2.1 million. The pre-sale achieved good results, and fully demonstrated It has won the majority of users’ recognition and love for the Flsun brand and S1. Here, Flsun team would like to express its gratitude to all Sunflowers for their support. Thank you for your continued support and recognition to Flsun. We also hope that you can continue supporting us and walk together in the ultra high-speed printing era.


FLSUN - A brand dedicated to ultra-high-speed printing

Our company was founded in 2015. It is a 3D printer brand integrating R&D, production and sales, and is committed to "putting personalized production capabilities on everyone's desktop." The reason why we focus on speed and constantly break through speed is because we believe that only products that can bring value to users live. The user's time is the most precious, and saving time for customers is also the most valuable thing.

For this reason, we gave up the popular I3 and gantry structure machines in 2016 and focused on the research and development of delta FDM products. We continued to experiment and update and innovate, just to break through the printing speed and provide users with ultra-high-speed 3D printers.
Our efforts have made progress, from 60 mm/s for the A-series in 2016 to 80 mm/s for the QQ series in 2017; from 100 mm/s for the Q5 series in 2019 to 200 mm/s for the SR series in 2021 seconds; from 600mm/second for the V400 series in 2022 to 1200mm/second for the S1 in 2023.

Every time we launch a new product, the speed is ahead of the competitors market products, becoming the speed benchmark and model to follow at that time. It can be said that we are the well-deserved pioneers, enlighteners, promoters and leaders of ultra-high-speed printing. Especially in 2023, we have once again achieved a breakthrough in speed, truly bringing 3D printing into the ultra-high-speed era - T11000 mm/s, S11200 mm/s.

S1—The printer that opens the door to ultra-high-speed printing

FLSUN S1 meets all your requirements for ultra-high-speed 3D printing: a maximum printing speed of 1,200 mm/s, an acceleration of 40,000 mm/s², a maximum flow rate of 110 mm³/s, and also provides powerful hardware components and exclusive AI systems, these will protect your ultra-high-speed printing experience. Likewise, S1 features an ultra-light dual-gear direct-drive extruder with a high-flow heated end and 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle for temperatures up to 350°C, and an 80W ceramic heating element to reach high temperatures faster for more even heating and melt the filament. There is also a 40,000rpm cooling fan. In short, S1 is an exciting and fascinating printer. In addition to ultra-high-speed printing, it has all the mainstream functions of S1 on the market.


Stay tuned and stay tuned

As one of the most advanced and leading 3D printer technology suppliers, we will continue to carry out technological innovation in the future, constantly break through technical problems, provide the market with one-stop 3D printing services, help domestic and foreign customers improve work efficiency and printing experience, achieve Personalized production and personalized creativity provide users with high-speed, high-quality, and high-performance 3D printing solutions.

Currently, our first wave of pre-sales has ended. If you accidentally missed the first wave and are still interested in S1 and T1, please continue to pay attention to our latest news and look forward to the arrival of our second wave of pre-sales.

Here, we sincerely thank every Sunflower who supports Flsun, and sincerely welcome every 3D printing enthusiast to experience our ultra-high-speed printing.