FLSUN S1: The New King of Speed in the Ultra-High-Speed 3D Printing Industry

Dec 19

Released just before Thanksgiving in 2023, the FLSUN S1 emerged as a high-quality 3D printer tailored to the needs of enthusiasts in the printing realm. Within the initial five-day pre-sale starting on November 23, 2023, the printer showcased exceptional performance, surging past 2,000 units in total sales, with global pre-sale revenues eclipsing $2.1 million. This significant launch underscores our steadfast commitment to high-speed printing, illuminating our dedication to optimizing time efficiency and delivering unparalleled value to our esteemed customers. It further reinforces our ongoing dedication to relentless research and advancement within the field.

Our journey commenced in 2016 with a focus on delta kinematics and its immense potential in high-speed printing. In October 2017, we introduced the FLSUN QQ printer, boasting an impressive printing speed of up to 80mm/s, a revolutionary milestone during its time. Subsequently, in July 2019, the FLSUN Q5 entered the market, exceeding similar FDM 3D printers by 50% with a speed of 100mm/s. This cost-effective, high-quality machine swiftly garnered favor among numerous entry-level 3D printing enthusiasts. By March 2021, the FLSUN SR was unveiled, achieving a commendable speed of 200mm/s, thereby introducing more enthusiasts to the distinct allure of the FLSUN brand and Delta machines. Following this, in July 2022, the FLSUN V400 made its debut, initially advertised at 400mm/s, captivating the industry and users alike. As more customers embraced the machine, their enthusiastic endorsements testified to their pride in ownership. Continuing our stride, we have upgraded the machine to achieve a maximum print speed of 600mm/s, setting it 5-8 times faster than its contemporaries in the market. The advent of the FLSUN V400 printer heralded the era of high-speed printing for FDM 3D printers. Consequently, competing 3D printer companies responded by introducing high-speed printers boasting speeds up to 500mm/s.

November 2023 marked a pivotal moment with the unveiling of the FLSUN S1, disrupting industry norms regarding high-speed printing with its astounding 1200mm/s printing capability. This breakthrough sparked curiosity and skepticism among users, questioning the feasibility of desktop-level 3D printers achieving such unprecedented speeds. At FLSUN, our ethos revolves around embracing challenges deemed impossible, transforming them into reality, continually pushing boundaries, innovating, and delivering products of intrinsic value.

What enables the S1 to achieve this remarkable feat? The S1 is equipped with specially developed hardened steel nozzles capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 350°C, a 40,000rpm brushless CPAP fan coupled with an oversized belt motor, 80W ceramic heating components, a newly self-developed closed-loop motor, and a distinctive steel wire belt, setting it apart from conventional belts. These integral components form the foundational support enabling the machine to achieve speeds of 1,200mm/s. Additionally, the exclusive AI system integrates fully automatic leveling, vibration compensation, flow monitoring, precision calibration, ensuring quality assurance even at ultra-high speeds. Furthermore, it encompasses all essential features found in mainstream printers available in the market.

While high-speed printers in the market often tout speeds of 500-600mm/s, the FLSUN S1's 1200mm/s printing speed undoubtedly reigns supreme as ultra-high speed. If the V400 led the charge in high-speed printing, the S1 emerges as the new undisputed champion in the industry's speed competition. 

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