FLSUN T1: The most cost-effective ultra-high-speed 3D printer

Dec 23

Since the pre-sale of FLSUN S1/T1, more focus has been on FLSUN S1, a machine with a printing speed of 1200mm/s and rich functions. But in fact, the FLSUN T1 is a more cost-effective machine for beginners and enthusiasts on a budget. Today, let us take a closer look at the charm of the FLSUN T1 machine.

Ultra-high-speed printing speed:

The maximum printing speed of FLSUN T1 can reach 1000mm/s, the maximum acceleration can reach 30000mm/s, and the maximum flow rate of the nozzle can reach 90mm³/s. It only takes 12 minutes to print a normal-sized boat using the default parameters. These exciting parameters will undoubtedly significantly reduce the time it takes for creators to turn their dreams into reality.

Unparalleled precision:

In order to ensure printing quality, the FLSUN T1 machine implements fully automatic leveling and Z-axis automatic compensation. Automatic leveling detects the flatness of the print bed, eliminating the need for manual adjustments, ensuring even adhesion of printed objects while making it easier for novices to get started. Z-axis automatic compensation detects Z-axis height in real time and automatically performs macro adjustment to improve printing accuracy and reliability.

Fully enclosed design:

Even though its final price is $599, the FLSUN T1 still provides an excellent acrylic material enclosure to provide a tight space and support printing with multiple types of filaments. At the same time, it has a unique air filtration function that effectively filters out harmful gases, allowing you to print worry-free even in indoor environments.


Cameras for delayed photography and remote monitoring, monitor your printing in real time and record your wonderful printing moments. At the same time, the camera is equipped with intelligent AI detection, which can currently detect pasta and debris. It can detect and repair printing problems at any time, reducing printing losses.

More features:

The maximum build volume of FLSUN T1 is 260*260*330mm³, which is suitable for most printing people. In addition, functions such as material breakage detection, power-off resumption, and semi-automatic belt adjustment allow creators to more easily unleash the potential of this machine.

User demand for rapid production continues to grow, resulting in 3D printing speed being a key factor affecting the efficiency of 3D printing jobs and projects. In order to meet the demand for high efficiency, 3D printing technology and materials are constantly improving, and FLSUN S1/T1 is an important step in this direction. At a budget around $600, the FLSUN T1 is a cost-effective option for beginners. Welcome to the world of 3D printing, let FLSUN realize all your imagination for you.