V400: The Cosplayer's Right-Hand Man

Jan 16

Khalid has been cosplaying for many years and he enjoys making his own props and costumes with 3D printing technology. He likes to express his creativity and skill by recreating his favorite characters with realistic and detailed 3D printed parts. Cosplaying is more than a hobby for him, it is a way of challenging himself and having fun at the same time.

He used to struggle with slow and low-quality 3D printers that limited his potential and wasted his time. He wanted a better solution that could meet his high standards and expectations. That's when he discovered our FLSUN V400 3D printer on our YouTube channel, where we showcased its amazing features and performance. He was impressed by its high-speed printing, its excellent print quality and accuracy, and its user-friendly design.

He decided to buy our V400 3D Printer and he was very happy with his decision. He said that the FLSUN V400 printer has changed his 3D printing experience for the better. He can now print faster and better than ever before, and he can make more complex and intricate props and costumes for his cosplay projects. He loves our printer and we love his work. He is not only a loyal customer, but also a good friend of ours.


Khalid loves cosplay and 3D printing, and he has found the perfect partner in the V400 printer from FLSUN. With this amazing device, he has been able to create stunning cosplay armor for himself and his wife, who share his passion for dressing up as their favorite characters. One of his most impressive creations is the Golden Eagle armor helmet, which complements his wife's Athena costume beautifully. It is a feast for the eyes to see them in their full glory. Khalid's cosplay creations not only showcase his enthusiasm for this hobby, but also his technical skills in 3D printing. He can turn his imagination into reality with the help of the V400, which prints fast and accurately. The V400 is a dream come true for cosplay lovers like Khalid, who can unleash their creativity and make their fantasies come to life.

V400 story

We are thrilled to share the feedback from one of our loyal customers, Khalid, who has been using our V400 printer for a long time. He told us that he lives in the Caribbean islands, where the humidity is very high throughout the year. This can affect the quality of the printing materials, but luckily, our FLSUN S1 printer has a built-in drying box and a case that can protect the filaments from moisture. He said he trusts our new FLSUN S1 printer as much as he trusts our V400, and he is looking forward to trying it out. He also praised our innovation and quality, especially the fact that our FLSUN S1 printer can print at 1200mm/s, twice as fast as our V400. This means he can create his cosplay props or other 3D printing projects in half the time. We are so grateful for Khalid's support and endorsement, and we hope to continue to impress him and other customers with our products.


We are grateful to Khalid for sharing his insights on how he uses Flsun 3D printing technology to create amazing projects and products. He also expressed his appreciation and support for our FLSUN team, which motivates us to keep innovating and improving. We look forward to seeing more creative applications of Flsun 3D printing technology in various fields and industries, bringing more convenience and progress to society. If you have a unique printing experience with FLSUN that you want to share with us, please feel free to contact us. We welcome every 3D printing enthusiast to join our community!