FLSUN S1: Sharp Performance

Dec 27

In the rapidly developing world of 3D printing technology, we have been honing our skills for seven years, focusing on high-speed 3D printing, and achieving significant breakthroughs in technology and efficiency. FLSUN S1 is far ahead of the industry, so what standout features does it possess? Here’s a detailed elaboration:

Perfect motor system:

The motor is the source of kinetic energy for printing, primarily controlling the mechanical movement between the print head and the platform. Coupled with the unique closed-loop drive configuration of our FLSUN S1, it can accurately and efficiently control the printing process, ensuring no steps are lost during the printing process and improving printing accuracy. The high current control allows the motor and heating element to operate at high speed, enhancing printing efficiency.


Efficient heating environment:

FLSUN S1 incorporates a unique heating ring element, which provides an appropriate and rapid heating temperature for the printer. This feature allows for efficient control of the consumable flow, thereby facilitating efficient model printing. The heating ring element offers a significant advantage over traditional heating rod and pad assemblies: it has a larger heating area compared to other types of elements, resulting in faster heating.

Powerful vibration compensation technology:

FLSUN S1 employs advanced vibration compensation technology, which significantly enhances the printer's accuracy and ensures print quality. Through sensor feedback to the control system, adjustments are made based on real-time vibration data. This effectively reduces irregularities and distortions on the model's surface, which is a crucial factor in ensuring print quality.

Powerful quad-core processing power:

FLSUN S1 is equipped with a quad-core ARM A7 processor with a main frequency of 1.5GHz, which can easily and quickly handle complex tasks, running smoothly and responsively. The powerful processing power enables multiple tasks to be handled simultaneously, contributing to overall parallelism, which is essential for managing the printer's intelligent features such as high-speed printing, intricate detail work, efficient zone heating, and consumable drying.

It's important to note that the FLSUN S1 zone heating system enables inner-ring printing with dimensions of 220x220mm and outer-ring printing from 230mm to 320mm. The flexible control ability of the heating area effectively reduces the area and time for preheating, providing favorable conditions for efficient and precise completion of printing.


Extra large storage space:

FLSUN S1 is equipped with a 16GB Embedded Multi Media Card and 32GB Flash Memory, paired with the powerful processor, which allows for fast read speeds and write performance. The extra-large storage space enables users to save a large number of complex designs and large files directly on the printer. This promotes efficient print management and allows users to store a vast number of print files in a file library for immediate access, making the printing process faster and easier to operate.

Uninterrupted print performance after power failure recovery:

FLSUN S1 offers the feature of uninterrupted printing recovery from an unexpected power failure. The printer tracks the position of the print head and print bed in real time, periodically logs the progress of printing, and saves this information. In the event of an unexpected power failure, printing can resume from the most recent record. This reduces the need for reprinting,

Easy-to-operate touch screen settings:

FLSUN S1 features a touchscreen that is fully integrated with the PC interface, allowing users to make selections, settings, and controls directly on the screen. This provides a more intuitive and user-friendly operating experience. Through the touchscreen, users can conveniently adjust printing parameters, such as print temperature, print speed, layer height, etc. Real-time control of the printing process allows for quick and efficient control of the machine's start, pause, termination, and real-time printing adjustments.

In conclusion, FLSUN S1 has seen significant upgrades in all aspects of performance compared to its predecessors, from speed and quality to functionality. Notably, its printing speed of up to 1200mm/s is at the forefront of the industry, providing an excellent customer experience. It's indeed a great choice for the 3D printing world!